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Air pollution: Dirty old birds can show changes in air pollution over last 135 years – TomoNews

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  1. Andrew Gaming says:


  2. LabibaDogenPW says:

    Dont tell me they killed the birds

  3. Ethan Whelan says:

    Nah bro I was first

  4. LilyPlays says:

    I actually live in Philippines and Yes where I live in my beach is so very dirty my beach the water is brown

  5. Asif Ifas says:

    Tha fat dancer is stupid why would i want to see a fat cunt dance. If i was fat i wouldnt want to see it either. Especially in this context.

    Fatman shamed dancer joke mayb.

  6. Marrokiu2.0 says:

    This is why bird baths are made for

  7. Ñîggā Ü Gæŷ says:

    If the birds look like that in America I can only imagine how different they became in China JHEEEZ

  8. azra au says:

    i hope this planet ends already

  9. Tawny the wolf says:


  10. Tawny the wolf says:

    Now their are wars hurricanes floods and lots of natural disasters are happening

  11. Tawny the wolf says:

    Good thing I don't eat fish

  12. Tawny the wolf says:

    Why can't u people learn how to throw your trash in the trash

  13. Liksi Diwa Daclan says:

    I am filipino and I am ashamed of my country

  14. WTF Man??? says:

    Fuck you people that hates these country. I'm from Vietnam and alot of people are malnourished, uneducated and poor. How will they learn if no one helps out? Seriously fuck you.

  15. Oh, No! Brasil says:

    So… what good
    This video can do for Humans? Nothing off course.

  16. TAZADAQ ZAYAN 2 says:


  17. hypostatis says:


  18. MrMJmusicLover says:

    How bout em Dirty Birds! ATL Falcons

  19. Loco Moco says:

    liberal hippys will never eat salt again or use plastic Fuck them and their ugly sandals lol

  20. Codi Bluezony says:

    Not like americans care about the environment

  21. Jill&Jack Ass says:

    Dirty birdy. ?

  22. Mohammed Altamimi says:

    the world is going down!!!!!!

  23. whocare9999 says:

    So that's why there is so many black people.

  24. Michelle Caguana says:

    l love it

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