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After visiting Douma, western media begin to question ‘gas attack’ narrative

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  1. Kaido D says:

    I don't know why US try to help this people , let them die.. I was right all along this would be the case we are the bad guy now… Fuck them let them kill their own people .. why care of those ungrateful bastard.

  2. Usdia Sujatmaka says:

    The western media only promote lies as pretext for US and its evil allies attacking Syria exactly just like Irak. Shame on you!

  3. Yul Hubbart says:

    Yeah – too bad our worthless western media didn't question it first like the rest of us did before trump was fooled into bombing syria again on behalf of isis and the Army Of Islam – but I guess better late than never – lucky world war 3 didn't start already, eh?

  4. davian alexander says:

    Even the same people on spot when the explosion happen said the did not get infected and they don't see anyone infected.

  5. Cross Train says:

    All of this false talk about "Russia hacking"..RT should tap in Fox and CNN and air this segment. It would save the world without a missile or shot being fired, please

  6. Grey Man says:

    The west has proven once again they have no legitimacy at all , very disappointed

  7. nitz vision says:

    "national interest " is mother of lies 😂

  8. war zone says:

    White helmets mi6 actor

  9. Incoming Hit da dirt says:

    white helmets are a joke.

  10. Mesatsugohado says:

    So… these leaders that did this atrocity not gonna go to jail for attacking another country on basis of lies? there is really nothing we can do about it. Isn't it?

  11. Leonardo Jenner says:

    Let The Americans, France and British pay for all the Damage from their illegal and False Flag attacks!

  12. Brandon Evans says:

    the white helments lured hungry children with cookies to the hospital then doused them with a hose and other props of lies

  13. Brandon Evans says:

    Putin should extrodite all the BS media for constant lies

  14. Mahamed Farah says:

    Same mistake in IRAQ they never learn …

  15. carroj9 says:

    Anyone who knows even the basics about gas, smoke or fumes inhalation incidents knows full well one of the first things people do is cough, in both films I have seen of this so called gas attack I have seen nobody coughing at all.

  16. Peter H. L. alias Pedro says:

    ….in particular it is the German media whores
    who want to put Assad into the worst hell light,
    together with the rush of war and the governments are bastards.
    Exactly THE ones you should bind publicly to trucks and drag through the country –
    but nice on gravel roads.
    Their karma will take revenge, very painful and suffering!
    Karma forgets nothing, Karma knows no mercy!
    …a lousiest Hollywood production!

  17. Valentina di Firenze says:

    Nazis were evil but not stupid : one of their brilliant mind,the Third Reich Propaganda Chief Joseph Goebbels said : LET ME CONTROLL THE MEDIA AND I WILL TURN ANY NATION INTO A HERD OF PIGS

  18. Martin Baryanto says:

    white helmet operation only in terrorist range is strange movement while victims are on both side.white helmet is radical group and spread fake news for western media to demonize legitimate goverment of syria

  19. Adam Esposito says:

    Wow what do you know. Real journalism revealing the truth. Who woulda thunk

  20. JulPepsi LWGolden says:


  21. Vir Quisque Vir says:

    The dollar has replaced truth.

  22. Lori Gruwell says:

    Should the U.S. wait to commit a crime against another nation or should they create hoaxes and false flags to further their murderous imperialism.

  23. Damian Luch says:

    maybe if they had the kids crying and screaming it would have been more believable – plus some blood… vomit…

  24. AlexProo1000 says:

    The U.s is not the police of the World they are not to take decisions that may take lives of people and affect them.
    Yes. You should wait!

  25. Pirate Squad Ent says:

    while rt back russia is deeply rooted in Syria. this might be trump weakness it on wow fake news

  26. Daniel Lee says:

    waiting to see that US would underline the evidence of chemical weapons has been destroyed:). Syria government enjoy no benefits by using chemical weapons on their citizens.

  27. jagara1 says:

    This has and always will be how power works. It's just that we have the Internet nowadays which makes the possibility of hearing different perspectives more likely. It probably won't however change the corruption of power.

  28. jester says:

    Trolling the MSM to DESTROY THE DEEP STATE! Bye bye, ISIS McCain!

  29. Christopher Dunn says:

    Yes-the USA should have waited for the report, and demanded strict proof of such an attack. If it were a chlorine attack, it is easily made-common household cleaners cheaper than a candy bar will kill a herd of horses. And there would be strong proof among the casualties that such an attack did in fact take place. And if one did occur-why would Assad launch it-this makes no sense! The rebels-have all the motive to say come rescue us from being gassed by this Barbarian. But there is no proof. It just seems the USA was Hell bent on launching an attack-"Damn the facts-cruise missiles full speed ahead!" Thankfully Russia nor Syria-launched a counter attack-which would have been justified and the Military campaign appears over. I cannot wait for the true facts to come out-Putin will look like a Saint-the West blundering war mongers.

  30. NaderR says:

    Hit then investigate is the American way. Lousy.

  31. obat allah says:

    Only the sleep didn't know this was staged…u.s are bullies. They have been doing this since its inception…deception is the game. You people are so gullible. You'll go for anything. They piss on top your head and call it rain. Part of the agenda is to keep us in a perpetual state of war. It's a fear tactic. Nothing more. The u.s. government is the most corrupt institution on the planet. Nothing will change until their demise. People can vote until their blue in the face. They rig voting. It's been proven. This is a rich mans world. Middle-class? Gone.

  32. I - News says:

    Oh god…the Russian propaganda is constant. Who can watch RT now with any level of seriousness.. I'm sure if RT could spin in, they would say Tsarnaev didn't blow up the Boston marathon, it was CIA..right?

  33. Tim Trial says:

    This was a mass baptism

  34. Kumander alibaba says:

    Russia act now! Less talk more action….

  35. Fawad Charkhi says:

    If I were western pollutation/ politicians or cursed forever Jews I would have committed a dignified suicide and this way I would have left the embarrassment and satanic legion of the unwindable wars and humanity sufferings. YOU CANNOT WIN. You tried before and failed and will fail again because your histories are full of crimes against humanity and God. Even if you genocide all Muslims and humanity, their unresting souls will fight and defeat you. You have no chance.

  36. D Mac says:

    False flag created by deep state swamp creatures who supported Obamer.

  37. fred durst says:

    The first thing we have to realise is that The Zionist's (Israel) control the western world. They absolutely hate Christains and Muslims combined. The people are waking up keep up the great vids!

  38. AMH Current Events says:

    Heather Nauert is a liar!!

  39. frizerbee says:

    the state dep spokesperson needs fisting … shes begging for it.

  40. talk2me9ja says:

    It is called Zionists staging of scene.  The Terrorist agents of the Zionists who are sponsoring terrorism in Syrian staged it.  It is all done to drive President Trump to lead a war that will benefits the Rothschild Estate called Israel as President Trump wanted to return Troops home and begin building infrastructures that his American people voted for him for and create jobs.  The Zionists agents and other western propaganda media are the ones helping to destroy many countries including America by hiding behind freedom of the press when they engage more in attack on political leaders, spread propaganda information about other nations so there is war or threat of war against them.

  41. Fish Knuckle says:

    Yes Heather, you fucking airheaded spokesdrone, you should wait around for evidence before illegally striking yet another sovereign nation, you horrendous cunt.

  42. grazer770 says:

    somebody sprayed them with a bit of CS gas so they could say it was something else. SIMPLE

  43. Betterworld ok says:

    Down with the political system that lies to the mass, kills innocent kids, women and men. Your policy is no longer in use in this day and age. Arrest them all

  44. Pilot Borneo says:

    Don't ever trust US and ally when invold in other country said chemical weopan
    Enough for Iraq n syria genocide by US and ally
    They should attack israel because always shoot people using chemical gun

  45. Stuart Vogt says:

    Only dummies react without evidence of the FACTS.
    Some say that the multi million dollar missle attack on Syria that wasn't able to kill one Syrian.
    Was actually an attack on Deep State strongholds in Syria.
    If that's the case we have to admit that Trump is playing 5D chess.
    As a big supporter of Assad I can honestly say, "I sure hope so."

  46. Reg McCormack says:

    Notice how this fiasco is being slowly swept under the rug no one is talking about the truth that it was all staged by the British and white helmets. Britain should be degraded and chastised as a terror affiliated support regime

  47. Russell Smith says:

    Yes you should wait. reason why. This is not the first time these attacks have been proven false when accusing Asaad of these crimes. If it were the first time then possible leeway could have been given. This attack was needed by the allies this is why they carried it out. They knew there was doubt around the chemical attack, yet still attacked. This only says one thing loud and clear.
    This was staged and even if it were proven false before they attacked they would have for some other reason for carrying out this attack. These people are criminals and need to be held accountable.

  48. Rahul Singh Yadav says:

    Wait for youtube to slow down the traffic here.

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