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Accused Russian Agent’s Alleged Fun Times With Donald Trump Associate | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. Silence DoGood says:

    Fake news

  2. BUrton BinGer says:

    I'm trying to ask a question, is it how does Putin know what it costs to meddle in us election, or why he knows?

  3. BUrton BinGer says:

    Maybe, President Trump didn't need much help, seems like his knowledge may be a little Sun Tzu.

  4. Doc Lewis says:

    Well…looks like "rusher" was advising him…but that's just from my point of view.

  5. Doc Lewis says:

    So men can't keep it in their pants? Seems like the "family values" platform is dead.

  6. Tuna says:

    This is like Red Sparrow 😂😂 even more that shes a Russian Spy.

  7. Shirley Boyd says:

    If Maria butina be convicted will the president of the United States DONALD J. TRUMP. Pardon her. a Russian. Operate.

  8. Seoul Man says:

    who cares? young people have fun….get over it.

  9. Bret Spangler says:

    Styx, worst concert I have ever attended, Was the Mr. Roboto tour, the band barely even came out to play, robot dummies on the stage and recordings were a big part of the disaster.

  10. Precious On another Level says:

    Red headed Russian got a free ride and to stupid to cover her tracks.. period

  11. Left Is Best says:

    The real crime is the STYX concert.. 😂😂

  12. Navillus 55 says:


  13. fakeItRight says:

    In Russia she was a Pee On Bed Rights activist

  14. fakeItRight says:

    young redhead with a hot body and a butterface and a thick russian accent shilling for gun rights from a country where any Putin opposition means either jail or she's KGB. So of course anyone in the NRA or the cro-magnon Trump orbit fell for this "pull my finger" level joke of a spy.

  15. Justin H says:

    One of the funniest things about CNN/MSNBC’s bullsh*t contuinance coverage over Russia is that you have some of they’re most popular correspondents (ex. Van Jones) and executives admitting on tape (please google it) that the Russian investigation is “Nothing Burger”😂😂😂😂Again CNN/MSNBC= VERY VERY FAKE NEWS!!!

  16. J Bos says:

    I bet she sent messages between Trump and Putin. She could slip a message to anyone close to Trump and deliver and answer to Putin. She never had to meet Trump face to face.

  17. William Maloney says:

    in russia its a crime to carry agun

  18. Adam Świtlak says:

    This B(P)utina is not even cute.

  19. Max Austin says:

    The thing is, she's not all that attractive, except for the fact that she's young or younger. I don't mean that in a degrading sense, but, let's be real here. I would not be sharing any "State" secrets with her; she's going to have to be much more enticing than what I have seen.

  20. Frank Winkhorst says:

    Butina isn't a gun rights activist. That's a front. She's a spy.

  21. Frank Winkhorst says:

    What's this about Marina's Buttina?

  22. Gabe Dudley says:

    Nazi propaganda at its best. Ready to gas those russians yet? Wake up to what you are becoming.

  23. Frankie Lee says:

    Is this news?

  24. TheProBush says:

    Whats wrong with building bridges between USA n Russia? Now its wrong to invite someone to a Styx Concert n Birthday party?? You r missing the point..Russian are really wild at parties…
    Try surf "Russian submissive cuckolds"…or "Russian Mistress"…
    You Americans will switch from BBC to Russian …

  25. John Corboy says:

    Intel community is so corrupt ! Investigate them but you won't get far . Who cares about Russia this is 2018 . The influencers are corporate and any other lobbyists with a big Cheque book . This is the problem with US politics ! Put a cap on it .

  26. Carol Gallagher says:

    She's definitely a GOP bicycle.

  27. Russ Bennett says:

    Remember the Rosenbergs. The penalty for tr45son is death.

  28. Kelly McShane says:

    Liberals wished she was 9. Then pump her for information..These are progressive minded individuals. Caligula also thought of himself as a true Renaissance Man. These are Liberals. Remember that!

  29. Sarah McGee says:

    My God, this situation gets "worse" every day!!

  30. Cheryl says:

    Hey, media, how about talking and naming the electoral college. Talk about how, why and under whose direction they overturned the popular vote to put this ignoramus in office. Because not cutting to the chase, maybe, just maybe, you are the enemy of the people

  31. James Dyer says:

    Fun times with Trump (theres a few words you don't see strung together very often) stomach churning

  32. Sharon Schubert says:

    Russians here, Russians there, Russians everywhere. I’m sure they have an office in the White House. With all the evidence and inditement’s there is still no collusion, right? Trump is more loyal to mother Russia than his own American people. Yet it’s all a “witch hunt”. Lol. Un fricken believable the level of corruption.

  33. Smarterthan You says:

    Stixx been around for about 40 plus yrs…. anyhow nothing's should surprise you when Trump and Russia are involved.

  34. Genius Canyon says:

    I'd like to Styx that red Butina!

  35. ss says:

    GOP Russian connections, literally.

  36. mine own says:

    Or which prominent republican figures have come across her ?

  37. Nancy Crisman says:

    It is appears the vetting process is poor. She has targeted many influential people. Republicans and Democrats. But going after the republicans only that she has spoken with. Police influence is correct. Keith Ericson – she got around.Arrested and wants her to sing a story.

  38. K Ham says:

    Who cares? This is a click bait story. MSM is just dumb anymore

  39. Happy Day says:


  40. proposedsolutionsblogspot says:

    Trump is a moron in regards to history, economics, and most other things. However, he might be an expert at money laundering and prostitutes.

  41. Donald Cooper says:

    Does this fit in actually conclude the interview by asking whether these developments may cause the authorities to call her in for questioning? Does she really not know that this person is already under arrest ?And why-if she doesn't know that- is she filling in for Lawrence O'Donnel?

  42. go86go says:

    Not a squeak from Dana rousche about this. You know they're in deep doo doo.

  43. Zockopa says:

    Ah,here are the fake news everybody talks about.

  44. Linda B says:

    Umm…they must've been drawn to her youth….I gotta say, I know it may not be politically correct, but there must be a lot of butt ugly women around these men for her to be a gem….Sorry. I said it. Forgive me Lord….but I said it.

  45. Wyoming Horseman says:

    How a senior DOJ official helped Dem researchers on Trump-Russia case

  46. Wyoming Horseman says:

    All the details of a former, longtime Sen. Dianne Feinstein staffer who’s accused of relaying information to Chinese intelligence services while working for the California Democrat point to Russell Lowe, a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation has determined.
    Lowe worked for 20 years in Feinstein’s San Francisco office, where he was a staff liaison to the Asian-American community before leaving approximately five years ago. All those details match up with the descriptions of the Chinese spy Feinstein reportedly employed.
    “Chinese intelligence once recruited a staff member at a California office of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, and the source reported back to China about local politics,” Politico Magazine reported on July 27, describing the staffer as “a liaison to the local Chinese community” who was secretly “reporting back” to Chinese intelligence services.

  47. Grim Mirg says:

    lefty's keep stretching

  48. 84 Vette says:

    Stick this in your pipe Katy Turd and smoke it!

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