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A Royal Conspiracy, Weather Wars, Alien Mummies & More w/Ben Emlyn Jones

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  1. Leslie Dodds says:

    its a many headed beast these are the high places in the bible were satan rules govenments and monachs

  2. Michele Mitchell says:

    i think were going to have major earthquakes and now that there is going to be another baby how do we know its not rosebary's baby an antichrist child . These people are evil

  3. michael sparkes says:

    It's concret made from rock produce..

  4. Michele Mitchell says:

    I totally believe this is manmade weather to wrangle people into fema camps.We don't have regular weather anymore in my mind

  5. Michele Mitchell says:

    The gorgia guidstones tell everything along with ptodictive programming.Since the 40s and 50s have been showing movies about destoying new York or the end of the world movies

  6. Michele Mitchell says:

    The whole damb gov't and military are envvolved

  7. Michele Mitchell says:

    I don't believe any nuclear plant is safe

  8. Priya Maharaj says:

    Hurricane Katrina was also a test to plan for their implementation of UN's Agenda 21 (2030). They rounding us up like sheep.

  9. Priya Maharaj says:

    Problem, reaction, solution. Create a lie, like man-made climate change, incite fear in the masses, and then offer the solution to the problem they created. They are going to carry on with geoengineering and will tell us it's to "curb climate change". Bullshit!! The masses are going to fall for it, looking at the reaction of the victims of hurricane Harvey, these people were begging the military to take them to the FEMA camps, that so happen to be ready for a 'natural disaster'. These oligarchs have no empathy and yes I agree they are bred hybrids, descendants of the Sumerian "Gods", who have been tereforming and controlling earth for 100's of thousands of years. They still call the shots here, but if they did genetically engineer humans as slaves, and we getting 'out of hand', they will use anything the can to kill us off.

  10. MR GHOSTER says:

    Keith Allen's Doc on Diana's death was brilliant.

  11. katelynnwoods says:

    I don`t believe Kate Middlefinger gestated either of those children.

  12. Gospel of Christ says:

    **** Read, The Gospel, aloud ****
    "I Believe, how, that Christ died for our sins, that He was buried and that He rose again, on the third day, amen."

  13. Des Northcott says:

    To pin down the astronomical alignment described in Revelation to a single day is quite ridiculous. Any astronomical alignment event, in particular as one as imprecise as that one, lasts at least several days if not weeks during which the basic conditions are fulfilled.

  14. Des Northcott says:

    The massive electrodes sticking up in the air charging the atmosphere as part of the weather control system is not HAARP, it's the wind farms that pulse static charges into the atmosphere — ref Elana Freeland.

  15. Des Northcott says:

    Regarding the mysterious 'chemical cloud' on the UK south coast, I live about 30 miles west of the spot and I can tell you this area had been absolutely blitzed with aerosol spraying (chemtrails) for days before that event. Near total white-out by mid-day, covered in expanding streaks, on sunny days that had no natural clouds, and would otherwise have been clear blue skies. I'm sure that's just another coincidence, just saying.

  16. PG Loi says:

    So? What can human do? Keep whining.. Lol!

  17. MR GHOSTER says:

    I agree with Ben on the weather thing. Texas for example will be the State that WILL fight back if america falls so the powers that shouldn't be are using a storm to test against Texas. i have heard about the RAF spraying being connected with Lynmouth back in 1952. I remember as a small boy hearing that "The Russians" had a "Rain making Machine" that was back in about 1960/61 ish? And Disney was very much involved in many government things and lies, the Lemming Myth was one of them and as Ben said this 1959 film or documentary about weather, not just seeding the skies but seeding the minds of people as well.

  18. Anne Matthews says:

    On Tuesday I stepped outside and the air had a bleachy unpleasant smell, and I wondered if it had to do with the fires out West. I live in Massachusetts, which is a long way from Beachy Head. The air smelled toxic. I live on a mountain at 1200 feet above sea level.

  19. Dorothy Home says:

    Kate is pregnant AGAIN already

  20. MR GHOSTER says:

    I find and know the 911 thing is in their magic, and that is why probably the American Emergency services use it for the Phones 911 Emergency? It has some correlation to disaster or bad doings in my opinion?

  21. MR GHOSTER says:

    I know Berling Gap very well. the cloud probably came right round Seaford bay and possible originated around Newhaven that has a number of industrial areas along the River Ouse some of which deal in gases and chemicals.

  22. MR GHOSTER says:

    I don't like the "WE" thing Ben say's WE have no control over what WE know would be the morally right way to go, But it is THEM the greedy controlling Psychopath's that control all this not WE.And they are not going to give up there Greed and Power or what they see as power easily are they?

  23. MR GHOSTER says:

    I think Kev's hero Elon Musk could end up the same way as Nikola Tesla?

  24. MR GHOSTER says:

    Worminster is really famous for UFO's. I was on holiday there with Mum Dad and My Brother in 1968 and we actually saw something in the sky in the evening from our camp site. It was totally silent and cylinder shaped. It was dusk and so it had no real colour but all 4 of us and a couple of other people on the site saw it.

  25. Andrew Hulten says:

    Really Kev? Are you guys living under a rock when it comes to this mummy issue? What was it you said? You'd think by now if it was a hoax something would be known? 30 days AGO -> @ 2:39 into vid.

  26. Raymond Norman says:

    Kev, always enjoy Your Shows one suggestion though, should drop Joe Joseph he acts like a Total Idiot. Your Listeners are going to think all Americans act like that guy. We don't need to make it any worse than it already Is.

  27. Leslie Beaumont says:

    As  with 9/11 ,they cleaned away  Diana's   accident  site   ASAP .

  28. Leslie Beaumont says:

    Its Hillary  getting her revenge on Trump.

  29. AJ designs says:

    i bet kate isnt even pregnant prolly using a surrogate

  30. NyteRyda says:

    J.J. is detrimental to the show, he's uninformative and not funny.

  31. Freedom For All says:

    What if Prince Phillip dies, and actually reincarnates – and does come back as a bug that wipes the whole human race ?? 😀

  32. Chris Dinsdale says:

    shalom I saw utube video of princess Margret well this of my grandma and grandpa not the after ones but before the switch

  33. Cynthia Schell says:

    more people in 'Amer'ka" (as you like to say it) are waking up to the fact that the 'royal family', fake royal family, they are not the REAL royalty of Britain, are Satanists (all that baby blood keeps 'em going)

  34. SeraphimTheOrthodox says:

    Having had time to cool off after troll Finch Fairy's little ambush, I've deleted the post that upset so many…certainly not my intention. For that, I apologize. I'm a little bit jumpy these days. Anyone have any loved ones in Florida? I have two myself. We are in apocalyptic times and we ought not attack one-another.

  35. Deiterwakes 1 says:

    Search WeatherWar101 and decide for yourself.

  36. WeveNever BeenAlone says:

    Why is the intro so violently loud?

  37. Gabriela Kessler says:

    Thank you. Please note: Ufo's are fallen angels. See e.g. the book and the seminary Dr. Michael Heiser: Reversing Hermon. Don't let you deceive and remember Ephesian 6 !

  38. The Lying Facts says:

    Your best video, so far! Hitting the nerve on questions we all have! Very cool!

  39. Christina Roman says:

    Thank you for your video. In 2013/2014 The International Court of Brussels Canada charged and convicted the Iccubi e.
    windsor of buckingham palace and the present jesuit pope of the vatican for Crimes against Humanity and Trafficking Children. All their lands property assets interest Confiscated. Including the 65℅ land in n. America previously owned by e.
    windsor of buckingham palace. Sadly USA corp sided with these Iccubi Criminals at-large and are using our Military against Us.

  40. Stella Sutton says:

    Just carrying on procreating for the Royal (USURPERS) family. The ladies are in fact brood mares.

  41. Saneman says:

    Sill promoting the tunnel hoax ..sad ._.

  42. Ms. Jocelyn says:

    We do not look at them like that! Only Princess Di!!

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