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A minute to change the world contest | The Economist

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  1. cato says:

    Eliminate the politically correct culture. It is destructive and eliminates open dialogue creating deeper cultural silos

  2. marvin ochieng says:

    Ban ads

  3. ConsideringPhlebas says:

    I do believe some people at the Economist really are so naive that they truly cannot see any major repercussions of mass migration. When you're a jet-setter that moves from think-tank to think-tank and only rubs elbows with the global upper middle class, well, you would think all people are the same, wouldn't you?

  4. Ricardo Jordao says:

    Great idea guys!

  5. Blazdur the Ridiculously Named says:

    I want FEMA to round up the far right and the far left and then seclude them so they can have a good ol' fisticuffs. Get it out of their system and maybe let the actually sane conduct affairs that matter.

  6. woodchuck 00 says:

    Almost everyone featured in this video is factually wrong. Open borders, this could be helpful, it might not, it depends on your country; the vast majority of western countries have a welfare state so vast that they are not able to pay for everyone currently living in them. Case and p[oint in the US social security is one the biggest budget item and will soon surpass the DoD; to pay they we are taking out massive amounts of loans and the interest will kill us in the future. Gender Equality, we already have this, in fact, women in the US have more rights in some aspects; women need only turn 18 to vote, men have to turn 18 and sign up for the draft. We also have numerous scholarly articles that demonstrating that women on average are more unhappy then they have ever been. The girl claiming that you can buy a military grade weapon at a gun show is 100% wrong. Military grade weapons have been heavily restricted in the US since 1935, manufacturers have not been able to manufacture fully automatic weapons for civilian use since 1986. If you want a full-auto weapon you need to pay $200, months of paperwork, and have phycological evaluations and if you don't get denied you have to pay thousands of dollars as they haven't been manufactured for over 30 years and are getting rare. In her defense, she is probably ignorant when it comes to firearms and could properly define a semi-auto or compressor if I asked.

    The guy who says we should open up education oppertunitis cound not be more right.

  7. Jamie Dimon says:

    I would promote liberalism and liberty throughout the world. With this comes the elimination of theocracies, dictatorships, corruption, and the promotion of Democracy. When the people of a country have the opportunity to thrive, poverty, crime, and human rights improve consequently. It's a utopian idea, but that's the point.

  8. Fred Hampton's Ghost says:

    We need to take political and economic power out of the hands of the capitalist class. That seize the means of production, dismantle the capitalist state, build a workers state in its place and expropriate the bourgeoisie. Nothing less than a thorough socio-political revolution.

  9. E K says:

    Awful lot of preachy folk who want political solutions rather than actually doing something themselves.

  10. Devil Horn says:

    OPEN BORDERS ….come on Give me a break…..

  11. Mark Dennison says:


  12. Pedro Zaragoza says:

    There is only one thing that can fundamentally improve the world, it’s love.
    Jesus taught us this 2,000 years ago. Due to our profound ignorance we haven’t realized how essentially important love is for the quality of life, freedom, joy and abundance.

  13. anil srivastava says:

    Human beings are the problem to this world !

  14. גלעד אופק says:

    Make people realize that the right has no monopoly on patriotism and values and the left has no monopoly on compassion and human rights.

  15. sachin kumar says:

    Background music is 😘👌

  16. Social diving says:

    Next video in a row is about populism…)

  17. Caitlyn Falasco says:

    What's wrong with the world today?
    YouTube comment trolls. 😂

  18. Naeem UlFateh says:

    Create prosperity for each individual on this planet. They are countable and we can make everything possible for everyone.

  19. Avi Hecht says:


  20. Herr Otto Flick says:

    Ethnostate now! 😆

  21. ViktorNotRussian says:

    Free, equal and the same education for everyone in the world.
    If everyone has their kidsto go in the a school where everyone in the world it would make that less rich and richer parents have a way to know eachother (one factor to being with a bad job is that you don't know anyone who owns a big enterprise) and the world will have more knowledge. If we have more knowledge as a civilisation, it would be harder to fool a population and tell them propaganda, bad ideas, things that on the surface looks good but in reality are for personal gain and it would make crime rates lower because people know there is other ways to stealing cheating etc…

  22. Mahmoud jamal Mahmoud says:

    I believe Stopping wars particularly the US, and effective UN is crucial to world Peace. Because peace is what we need first to solve world problems

  23. Michael Wargo says:

    Hahah who can make the first Utopia!? GO!

  24. hiba amr says:

    1:16 kids in job market

  25. gledi kapllanaj says:

    nothing wrong with the world today, wars and fights have been going as far as the humans learned to kill eachother we cant do nothing about it since many many sistems like banks have our lifes on their hands so enjoy the life like it is love eachother and then die happy

  26. YoungButDeadicated says:

    Political correctness.

    People are way too soft, get offended way too easily, and are far less entitled than they really are.

    Just because your little feelings get hurt doesn't give you the right to make a huge expedition out of making every thing right and feeling warm and fuzzy for you. Sometimes you need to cut your losses and move on.

  27. The Economist says:

    Hi viewers! There are some great ideas in the comments under this video. Why not submit your idea as an entry into the contest?

  28. Kim Welch says:

    No one–no country has actually addressed racism and bigotry. They've just repressed it. Now it's come back as a full on nervous breakdown in society. Nearly all the mess in the current world political climate is the result of this resurgence in racist nationalism. Even the issues resulting from the Arab spring went from hopeful to hell because of an undercurrent of racism in international policies.

  29. 'Eternal Optimism... says:

    (Economic Revolution)
    Surplus w/o GDP Sales increase:
    We use the selfless circle shape/structure in Love within our business structure model.
    The result/effect of our Public Charity IP structure is an offset for an Empowerment of Surplus to the Residential tax budget that benefits in a non-discriminatory manner to all. This business structure operates in a circle that spirals upward as an offset in surplus from micro to macro (town to nation), but returns exponentially to any individual contributor.
    We divide the tax budget twofold as Educational and Residential because approximately 50% of every town's tax budget pays its Public Education expense. 
    Ps. The surplus offset will spiral upwards to Middle School, High School, and then Community College when applicable. If there is no Community College, it will go to the town's Public Library or follow the restrictive guideline. 
    (Global IP Gift)

  30. Jacob Ferreira says:

    Open boarders? Really? Open boarders are you insane.

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